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Frankymole's · Journal

Friends, Romans, Countrypersons - lend me your ears

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I've made this journal Friends-Only, but if we share interests, please leave a reply and ask to join.

If you're already on my friends list you do not need to re-apply!

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On 3rd October 2008 23:12 (UTC), joannebogdan commented:
Please Add Me
I think we have some things in common. I truly miss Jeremy Brett and am the proud owner of his entire Sherlock Holmes series.
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On 17th October 2008 10:44 (UTC), frankymole replied:
Re: Please Add Me
Hello! I have been inactive for a while, due to work, illness and other excuses. Thanks for adding me, I've added you, and hopefully you can now read my drivel!

Dunno if you've heard the JB song yet: http://www.platetectonicmusic.com/id134.html - tata for now :)
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On 17th October 2008 16:14 (UTC), joannebogdan replied:
Thank you for the song
Thank you very much. I enjoyed the song and was moved by it.

I hope you are feeling well today. On Monday I plan to begin estrogen therapy to minimize / eliminate my hot flashes and mood swings. I've been researching all the pros and cons of estrogen and progesterone supplements on the internet and I've decided to take the risk and cross my fingers!
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On 12th June 2010 01:49 (UTC), bleu_ice2002 commented:
Hi! I saw your posts at persianslippers and I really loved the screencaps you posted. I'm a big fan of JB and Granada's Sherlock Holmes series. I'm hoping to see more posts from you!

Please add me!
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On 12th June 2010 05:10 (UTC), frankymole replied:
Hello! I've added you as a friend. Thanks for asking! I don't post often these days it seems (work and family life getting in the way) but I am on a renewed hunt for Jeremy Brett appearances now, so I may have more screengrabs from things in the near future. I am soon taking delivery of the 1967 "Three Musketeers" with JB as D'Artagnan, though you probably already have that. If I get anything rare I will certainly post about it here on on persianslippers!

More importantly, that's a fantastic Watson userpic - did you draw that yourself??
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On 12th June 2010 23:51 (UTC), bleu_ice2002 replied:
Thank you for adding me!!

And no, I have not seen the Three Musketeers movie with JB yet. I wish I lived in the UK so I could watch a lot of the British TV series/movies that aren't shown here in Canada. I'm grateful for wonderful people like you who take the time to share with the less fortunate, so to speak. :)

Yes, that icon was drawn by me.
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On 13th June 2010 09:01 (UTC), frankymole replied:
It's absolutely great. Very much David Burke - my favourite Watson (here's where you say it was meant to be Edward Hardwicke).
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On 13th June 2010 15:55 (UTC), bleu_ice2002 replied:

My dear, it looks very much like David Burke because it is David Burke - who is also my favourite Watson.
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On 15th June 2010 05:14 (UTC), frankymole replied:
It had to be... Fantastic profile. You totally captured it. Dynamism. What a great guy and a stupendous actor. I could watch him all day. Even in the noughties he crops up in many a BBC drama (the Ghost Stories, Random Quest), and always grabs the camera's view.

Really looking forward to another run-through of the Granada classics now!

Edited at 2010-06-15 05:15 (UTC)
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