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Where's it gone? What stoopid setting (hidden fifty key presses away) do I have to fiddle with to get LJ to return it when I never removed it in the first place???

It appears when I select a mood icon for a post... but is vanished on looking at the journal page!

Stupid LJ.

angry angry
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On 29th June 2010 22:43 (UTC), rabidsamfan commented:
It showed up on my flist page! *scratches head*
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On 30th June 2010 05:28 (UTC), lil_shepherd replied:
Mine too!

*joins head scratch*
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On 30th June 2010 23:40 (UTC), frankymole replied:
Thank you both!

I shan't worry too much then as long as it appears to my flist. Maybe it is some economy measure :) or a dodgy setup at this end. Wouldn't be surprised. I must wean myself off IE.
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