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Jeremy Brett in "The Three Musketeers" (BBC TV, 1967)

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The disks have arrived from the States!! Hooray! "British DVD Collection" - yes, but not available in Britain!

Anyway, I haven't watched them yet, and there will no doubt be some snaps for the galleries when I have. But here are a couple of snaps from the titles with a flowing-locked Jeremy as D'Artagnan...



grateful grateful
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On 24th June 2010 00:41 (UTC), snowgrouse commented:
*pokes* Hello, you!
Nice to see you got it at last! I have reviews of all the episodes under my "musketeers" tag:). I watched it a while ago and it was fantastic! It instantly became one of my favourite adaptations, and you know what a Musketeer geek I am. WarChief!Rochefort was just the icing on the cake. And a very very camp icing at that. 8-)
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On 28th June 2010 02:57 (UTC), frankymole replied:
I'm only two episodes in but it's amazing how quickly they supplant the images in my mind. And Peter Hammond was always a fave director of mine since the Avengers days. It's contractually obligated that Brian Blessed had to be in it, and who else could he be? A role he was born to. Looking forward to much fun and vivacity to come - thank the Llud that some of these archival gems survive (no thanks to Pamela Nash and the more modern BBC vandals).
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On 28th June 2010 10:56 (UTC), morelindo commented:
It's really hard for me to imagine him as anything other than Sherlock Holmes.
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